Curriculum Statement


What our curriculum is:

At Naíonra na nÓg/Once Upon A Time Montessori our curriculum empowers children to be active in their own learning by facilitating a child-centered and play-based approach. This Reggio and Montessori inspired method changes over time to suit children’s needs and interests and specifically focus on developing children holistically. Freedom to choose and construct one’s own self is intrinsic to this approach.

It’s adaptive and ever-changing approach to the needs of the children emphasises explorative and free play as fundamental to the development of the child and which is facilitated by the provision of age and stage appropriate experiences that are linked to Aistear, the national curriculum framework and guided by the quality standards of Síolta, the national framework for quality. Its implementation in carefully designed environments, at the child’s level and which reflect the children and their families ensures that the children’s unique identity and belonging are recognised, their self-esteem is empowered, and their happiness is fulfilled.


How our curriculum is implemented:

Our curriculum is implemented by qualified and experienced staff who seek to empower children in our care to actively pursue their own learning, whilst ensuring our involvement only when the child needs us.

We are committed to providing a curriculum that crafts a play-based and child-centred environment that is composed with the children’s emerging interests at heart and based on their needs. Observations of these interests and needs direct our daily planning and which will gift the child the freedom to explore and choose their play in a carefully orchestrated environment.

Carefully designed invitations to play, real-life experiences, attention to individual opinions, and meaningful interactions in both small and large group settings where positive and affectionate conversations and feedback is shared, characterise the child’s day. At Naíonra na nÓg/Once Upon A Time Montessori we are committed and passionate about understanding children and we emphasise patience, empathy, and playfulness and we actively promote the Irish language so as to instill a love of it and the culture we belong to.


Why this curriculum is embraced:

Our curriculum promotes children to learn in a fun and fulfilling way. We strive to inspire children to learn and develop to reach their potential through exploring their environment, expressing their creativity, and problem-solving so as to become confident, independent, and capable members of society. By providing challenges we urge the child to leap in to learning and which will foster a sense of achievement and the feelings of success.

We believe that children develop in their own way and at different times and we provide opportunities to grow based on each child’s strengths and needs. This, in turn, lays the foundation for future success and happiness. We believe that children’s rights matter and we value our role in helping children to feel cherished, respected and an integral part of the service.

Our curriculum is continuously assessed to ensure our learning objectives are being reached. Regular team meetings to plan and review, assess and develop contribute to creating an environment where an early love of learning is encouraged and where ideas to broaden and deepen children’s play experiences are developed.

Play is not a break from the curriculum. Play is the best way to implement the curriculum.